Vistacam™ is a complete, end-to-end solution for creating real-time panoramic video content suitable for large video walls in broadcast studio applications.

VistaCam is designed and built with live broadcasting in mind. Everything from design, construction to software functionality was conceived to stream live or recorded panoramic video over IP from the arena or stadium back to the studio.

Since video walls vary in terms of size and resolution, VistaCam offers flexible one-to-four HD-SDI outputs. In addition, each output can be color adjusted and, if needed, shifted to compensate for mis­aligned frames in the video wall.

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VistaCam Images

VistaCam Images


VistaCam at FOX NL

A brief video example of VistaCam panoramic video in action at FOX NL.

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Remote Operation.

The camera array can be setup in-stadium and the feed can be sent back to the studio over IP. In the studio, the same operator that controls the studio cameras can also control VistaCam. This helps to ensure that the color balance and other settings match.

Tools To Ensure Error-Free Production.

VistaCam has a built-in time slip function that allows the user to monitor the live feed and protects against any errors going out on air.

Feeds Over The Internet.

VistaCam lets you stream your video in full HD back to the studio over IP, allowing expensive video feeds to be kept free for other uses.

Weather-Proof, 4-Camera Array Is Custom-Designed For Easy Set-Up.

VistaCam can be installed remotely, calibrated and ready for air within 2-hours.


The Vistacam Array

The VistaCam array consists of four stacked 1080P cameras. Each cam­era is focused on a specific view of the field. Each camera view is then “stitched” into a cohesive, seamless wide-angle panorama.

VistaCam’s custom-designed camera array is weather proof and the all-aluminum housing is designed for easy mounting and adjustment within the arena.

The camera array connects to VistaCam’s Presentation Engine or the on-venue streaming server through a single fiber connection.

The VistaCam Presentation Engine ingests the 4 camera streams, creating a high resolution video panorama in real-time. Remote access for settings and calibration is as easy as a push of a button with the patented CogEye™ Panoramic technology. The VistaCam Presentation Engine also features a built in disc-recorder for playback of pre-recorded panoramic video. The disc-recorder also serves as a fail-over device, should the connection to the camera array disengage.


VistaCam Product Info Sheet

Download PDF


VistaCam Product Info Sheet

Download PDF


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