Anything in. Anything out.

DataHub receives and transmits almost any data source over LAN, COM, Message Queue, RSS feed, FTP, and more.

Whether the data and stats are XML, JSON, serial, or other formats, DataHub can “re-broadcast” the incoming data to any or all Click Effects systems, plus third-party applications and systems on the network. If your third-party device requires data in a specific format, then DataHub can be programmed to repackage and send out any received data in the specified format.

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Click Effects Data Hub Images

Click Effects Data Hub Images


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Multiple Protocol Data Inputs

Take any data stream you have, from nearly any source, in any format and send it to DataHub. Parse data in any form from multiple sources simultaneously. Reformat the data, repackage the data, or simply redistribute the data. DataHub’s true beauty is in its simplicity in flexibility.

Custom Data Profiles

Do you need to constantly change connections prior to an event to accommodate new data streams or connections? Not any more.

Route all of your data through DataHub and setup individual profiles for how the data is to be handled for each connection.

Custom Data Dashboards

You have all of this data, but where is it going?

View the data streams in and out of DataHub quickly and easily with Dashboards that are formatted for each individual connection. DataHub presents all of the details you never even knew you needed to know.

Export Formatted Data

Take data in from one connection and reformat for another connection. Bring data in over TCP/IP and export to COM, XML/JSON based files, or Message Queues. Or, vice versa for any combination you need.

Broadcast To Many Connections

Bring in a single data stream and send it to wherever you need – as many times as you need. Save on costly distributions amplifiers for single use data streams. Input a COM connection and redistribute back out COM ports or reformat to TCP/IP connections to any number of devices you have.

Connection-Agnostic Data Processing

It doesn’t matter where the data originates, DataHub can handle the workload.

Many times a particular data feed can be delivered over a variety of connection types. It does not matter which connection type you use in DataHub, as each connection is processed the same, regardless of the delivery method.

Data Replication

Create as many copies of a data stream as is necessary. Output the data in multiple types of formats and connection types. Send the data to file shares, each formatted indecently of each other. When flexibility is what you need, it’s DataHub that delivers.


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