Click Effects PRIME is the next generation of the user-friendly Click Effects audiovisual content control and delivery solutions (Crossfire, Blaze, Backdraft) for live sports & entertainment productions. Click Effects PRIME unites the advanced authoring, rendering, and data binding power of ChyronHego’s renowned PRIME Graphics Platform with the industry-leading arena graphics generation and custom digital display control solution.

With a simple point and click, our operator-driven user interface allows you to deliver the real-time graphics, video clips, audio tracks, animations, and sponsor ads that:

  • Engage fans
  • Strengthen your franchise brand
  • Boost sponsor revenues
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More Click Effects PRIME Images

More Click Effects PRIME Images


A Fully Immersive Fan Experience at AT&T Stadium

As one of the most innovative productions in in-arena sports, The Dallas Cowboys are fully embracing the benefits of their suite of ChyronHego-based arena graphics systems at the team’s home field of AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Utilizing the power of ChyronHego’s Stadium-based Sports Solution, in-stadium engagement for “America’s Team” is time-saving, efficient, and keeps fans coming back for more.


Instant ROI

Trigger multiple-displays throughout the stadium network in unison or individually with an easy point-and-click interface, offering fans an exciting, immersive experience. Developed to promote instant ROI, A-level sponsorship opportunities can be sold at a premium, with As Run Logging for accurate invoicing.

Combined SDI & GPU Playout

Combined SDI & GPU Playout allows a single Click Effects PRIME system to simultaneously address both SDI & GPU workflows. Combined SDI & GPU Playout from the same system allows greater workflow adaptability for fan engagement and broadcast production use cases.

Captivating Keyframed Actions to any Screen

Scene Control Panels allows you to take full advantage of the intelligent transition logic / scripting functionalities of a PRIME Scene for event-based actions and scene to scene communications. Using Scene Control Panels, you can more easily facilitate interactive fan games and scoreboards – all operable directly from this control panel.

Delivering the Power of Live Data

A key component of ChyronHego’s Sports Solutions, Click Effects PRIME sits within a comprehensive ecosystem of real-time data visualization products (Paint, Virtual Placement, TRACAB) designed to enhance in-venue fan experiences with the same compelling play-by-play video analysis that viewers expect from at-home sports broadcasts.

Side-by-Side PRIME Authoring

Side-by-Side PRIME Authoring allows you to harness the powerful CG capabilities of PRIME Designer, PRIME’s built-in authoring tool, for enhanced fan engagement. This tight integration allows you to create richer 3D motion graphics using transitions, shaders, conditional logic, and more.

PRIME Designer can be run simultaneously on a system while Click Effects PRIME is running. Because edits are instantly synced between both platforms, you don’t have to worry about file re-import when further changes are needed.

Resolution & Format-Agnostic

Click Effects PRIME supports any resolution (HD, 4K) and any format (SDI, DVI) with very low latency. Switch between HD-SDI and DVI using the same system across any screen regardless of aspect ratio or resolution.

Click Effects PRIME maintains an end-to-end HDR workflow from canvas design to output with full 12-bit DisplayPort output (HLG, SLog 3). Built-in SDR & HDR cross-conversion ensures there’s no need to recreate legacy content.


  • * Please see the Documentation section below for full technical specifications.

  • End-To-End 64-Bit

  • Very Low Latency

  • 4K In/Out

  • Up to 8 HD-SDI video inputs (7 in HD-SDI workflow)

  • Up to 2 dedicated HD-SDI workflow channels with up to three HD-SDI outputs: Key, Fill, and Preview

  • Up to 12 dedicated DVI workflow sub-channels with up to 4 DVI or Display Port outputs

  • Mixed Resolutions For Inputs And Outputs

  • Inputs Shared By All Output Channels


Click Effects PRIME Product Info Sheet

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White Paper – Click Effects PRIME & Legacy Systems

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Click Effects PRIME Product Info Sheet

Download PDF


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