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You create a barrage of content that elevates your team as a journalistic resource and respects new media consumption habits. Distilling reporting into digestible bites for distribution via OTT while maintaining your branding, efficiently motivating shrinking teams, and maintaining a palatable workflow is essential for your growth.

Vidigo News encompasses a complete newsroom workflow into a single workspace – integrating familiar Lyric templates and graphics, a 4-, 8-, or 12-input switcher, and audio mixer – all via a MOS-enabled, customized, easy-to-use, single-user GUI.

The producer-centric workflow of your CAMIO Universe bridge allows editorial to easily create stories in the same way they do for a linear newscast – using their familiar NRCS environment. The inclusion of Lyric within Vidigo News ensures that the production of graphics is as seamless as it can be – with the same graphics resources and workflows benefiting both linear and OTT productions. This means your branding will be treated the same way, irrespective of the distribution platform.

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Vidigo News is a scalable, modern newsroom production solution that compliments your current CAMIO workflow:

Vidigo News: Complete Set of Production Tools.

Vidigo News integrates our renowned LyricX graphics authoring tool with your MOS-enabled producer-driven template-based newsroom control system, CAMIO. Along with a custom GUI, scalable switcher, and audio mixer, you everything you need to add another control room – all in one box, and all controllable by a single-operator.

Talks to your CAMIO Backbone.

Vidigo News imports your templated Lyric Graphic templates via a familiar producer-driven CAMIO bridge for a consistent workflow.

LyricX Inside.

Our world-renowned Lyric graphics is standard in Vidigo News. This provides a familiar GUI for your operators for a fast, seamless workflow.

Consistent Branding Across Channels.

Importing Lyric templates into Vidigo News gives you the same creative power to augment your content and ensures that your content matches your channel branding, driving your audience to your other branded mediums.

Easy, Single-Operator Control.

Simple, easy-to-operate GUI control panels provide the maximum operational flexibility for your operators. When you are tight on resources, rely on Vidigo News’ single-operator – or remote – control. For advanced users, create custom GUIs per operator, creating a faster, personalized production tool.

Refined TCO.

With less dedicated hardware, your CAPEX expenses are lower. Using your existing Lyric template gallery, Vidigo News’ software-based production switcher, and single-operator control means you are producing content faster, with a smaller footprint and lower power consumption – accessing your current resources via your familiar CAMIO system.

Efficient, Full Production Suite.

With a full technical suite of control panels, switching, audio mixing, a multi-viewer with program and preview, expandable 4, 8, or 12 inputs, our LyricX graphics package, and your CAMIO backbone, Vidigo news provides a complete studio from a single work surface.

Remote Operation.

Control Vidigo News via a Chrome web browser with low latency commands for fast turnaround; one operator can control several Vidigo News solutions.

Expansion at your own pace.

With a switcher scalable to 4, 8, or 12 inputs, your content creation can be as trim or complex as you need.

Vidigo News Images

VidiGo News Images


Live Assist Panels Demo

Watch how Live Assist Panels can be used to create a wide variety of custom interfaces.

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CAMIO Universe and Live Assist Demo

Live Compositor at Dance Event

NY Yankees and Lyric

Lyric at St. John’s University


All-In-One Production Switcher.

Single-box solution with 4, 8, or 12 inputs including audio mixing, clips, and graphics.

Lyric Graphics.

One or Two Lyric Channels; Lyric is the world’s leading graphics creation and playout solution: fast, easy, and intuitive.

Production Automation.

Automate Linear, Non-Linear, and Data-Driven Production.

Functional GUI.

Control multiple systems with a scalable, unified, browser-based interface.

Use Your CAMIO Backbone.

Producer-driven, template-based unified production solution.

Single-Operator or Remote Control.

Fully-integrated all-in one studio, capable of single-operator or remote control.


VidiGo News Product Info Sheet

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VidiGo News Product Info Sheet

Download PDF


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