Live Assist Panels lets you control multiple systems, such as LyricX, PRIME Graphics, Live Compositor, and Click Effects PRIME, or other third-party solution, via a unified browser-based interface.

A scalable, modern back-end solution, Live Assist Panels allows for a multi-user and multi-device setup. Push button automation makes it a great fit for stadium production, where multiple products are typically tied together.

Using the built-in scripting engine, Live Assist Panels can be used for building custom interfaces, such as scoring applications, making it ideal for live sports production.

An optional hardware interface lets you integrate ultra-low latency video previews into your Live Assist Panels from either SDI or IP video sources, opening up new, creative possibilities.

Using Live Assist Panels, you can create an advanced IP-based multi-viewer. This is ideal for distributing video previews over your facility’s infrastructure, or for providing advanced remote support.

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Live Assist Panels Images

Live Assist Panels Images


Live Assist Panels Demo

Watch how Live Assist Panels can be used to create a wide variety of custom interfaces.

See More Videos

More Videos

CAMIO Universe and Live Assist Demo

Live Compositor at Dance Event

NY Yankees and Lyric

Lyric at St. John’s University


Build Your Own Customized User Interfaces

Unified, easy-to-use, push button interface.

Native Support For The Full ChyronHego Product Portfolio

Natively control all of your favorite tools such as Lyric, PRIME Graphics, Click Effects PRIME, Live Compositor, Neon and Plutonium virtual sets, Paint, Virtual Placement and more.

Built-In Scripting Engine

Build your custom scoring applications.

Ultra-Low Latency Video Previews

Optional hardware interface allows for integration of video previews inside your panels.

Advanced IP-Based Multiviewer Capabilities

Ideal for distributing video previews over an office infrastructure or for providing advanced remote support.


Live Assist Panels Product Info Sheet

Download PDF


Live Assist Panels Product Info Sheet

Download PDF


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