ChyronHego’s Player Performance Portal is a game changing web-based solution for displaying TRACAB optical and ZXY wearable tracking data post-game. Coaches, analysts, and sports scientists use the Player Performance Portal to visualize standard team metrics as well as a host of  key performance indicators (KPIs).

Use the Player Performance Portal to:

Capture enhanced metric generation. ChyronHego’s tracking solutions have always had built-in ball-tracking capabilities. Now, the Player Performance Portal will enable sports teams to collect a richer set of ball data showing possession, passes, and whether the ball is in or out of play.

Leverage historical data. Show player performance benchmarking over time to inform decisions such as which players are best for playing certain positions, or how to backfill key players who are out due to injury. Teams will also be able to use the historical data to track team and player performance from season to season.

Track player development. The enhanced data in the Player Performance Portal lends a better understanding of the stamina and ability of each player. These metrics will play a vital role in preventing injury – for instance, knowing when it’s time to pull a player out of the game due to fatigue, or monitoring a player’s performance just after they return from an injury break.

Enhance visualization for broadcast. The enhanced data from the Player Performance Portal automatically feeds into the broader ChyronHego sports solutions ecosystem. For example, using ChyronHego’s Paint telestration tool, broadcasters can import the TRACAB optical player tracking data feed in a highly visual manner to show speeds, distance between players, plus other key metrics.

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Being able to click a button, and have all of the seasons benchmarkings all in one place, has been absolutely fantastic.


Head of Performance Analysis, Bristol City Football Club

Player Performance Portal Images

Player Performance Portal Images


The Evolution Of Match Analysis At Bristol City Football Club

The Evolution of Match Analysis, produced in cooperation with Bristol City Football Club of the Championship League, illustrates the massive competitive impact individual clubs gain when they combine both data (TRACAB Optical Tracking) and video (Coach Paint Telestration & Analysis) by ChyronHego.

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Non-Intrusive Technology

No need to change the rules or organization of the game to capture data from wearable devices.

Accurate Data Capture

A consistent and proven positioning accuracy across the whole field of play of less than the width of a hand ensures credible data and derived statistics.

Provides Data For Live Applications

A high resolution data rate of 25 points per second, powers many live applications, including live video enhancement graphics, robotic camera and audio control, as well as numerous new media applications in second-screen, IPTV and gaming.

Powers Greater Sports Insight

You can feed the story-telling narrative with objectively derived insight, to support the needs of team coaches and analysts, as well as sports pundits and commentators in the media.


TRACAB uses non-intrusive technology. All game video is captured using its camera array. Intruding into the field of play is never an issue. Leagues, teams, players and referees do not have to make any special provisions or change game rules. TRACAB tracks players and balls optically and without interference.

TRACAB is the only system capable of calculating player and ball positions LIVE. Player performance and game-play metrics, such as distance run, speed, acceleration, stamina, team formations, set-plays and many more are captured. This data is instantly available for play-by-play video analysis and viewed as compelling graphical visualizations.


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