Television is all about creating content to tell stories – and content has never been more important in today’s highly competitive programming markets. To stay competitive and thrive, we understand that you have to adapt.

Media consumption habits are changing and providing more engaging, compelling content is a key differentiator when it comes to viewers, advertisers, and ratings. Whether it’s creating massive studio video walls or adding interactive touch screens to your set, placing virtual graphics within live video or creating complex 3D virtual sets with full interactivity, our live production graphics solutions have entertainment producers dreaming up new ways to engage audiences.

Make Your Studio Pop!

Today’s studio set designers are taking advantage of the larger canvas offered by modern monitor display technology. Whether you’re producing a high-energy game show, an audience engaging talk show, or a major Hollywood awards show, only ChyronHego has the innovative, fan-favorite graphics solutions that deliver the WOW factor every time.

Graphics For Every Visual Display

ChyronHego graphics solutions feed content to non-standard aspect ratio video monitors, touchscreens, integrated talk show desk monitor displays, and more. A single channel can feed multiple monitors, or span monitors within a video wall using our Display Matrix technology. Visually enhance your show’s branding while providing your audience with a more exciting and engaging entertainment experience.

With our Display Matrix solution feeding your on-set visual environment, motion graphics fill ever-larger atypical aspect ratio video walls and interactive touch screens. Display Matrix makes this possible with the same LyricX or PRIME Graphics system you already have in place, with the same familiar design and playout workflow you know, and with no additional operator expertise required.

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