Placing virtual graphics within live video is the new normal among sports and entertainment producers who are constantly dreaming up fresh ways to engage their audiences.

As a producer, you’re driven to create moments within a live broadcast that not only grabs your viewer’s attention, but also enriches the acute nature of visual storytelling.

While some have regarded the placement of virtual graphics within live video to be a “complex art”, made possible only by expensive specialist cameras that require a lengthy calibration processes, ChyronHego has taken a decidedly different approach.

You Can Have Both. Increase Viewer & Fan Engagement…And New Revenue Streams

Virtual Placement is the umbrella label for ChyronHego’s line of augmented graphics products for sports producers and broadcasters, including Virtual Placement, Virtual 1st, and Virtual Football.

The aim throughout is simple: to place virtual elements into a live scene via camera tracking and make them appear physically real and in harmony with the environment they are projected onto — with the added benefit of incremental advertising placement revenue, should your business model require.

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The operator clicks and draws the field markers for various shots, and we’re done. It’s amazing how efficient this is.


Video Production Manager for the New Orleans Saints