Sports fans are notorious for being the most devoted and the most demanding of TV viewers. They increasingly want to see ever more complex and detailed analysis on the field of play. ChyronHego can provide these essential tools for enhancing a live sports production with incredibly agile and accurate tools.

Through compelling graphical visualizations and video analysis, teams, leagues, broadcast rights holders, sponsors and fans gain more visually objective insight from sport.

Game Ready!

Our league-leading telestration and analysis solutions include Paint, Paint Live, and Coach Paint. Each has been conceived and continually evolve to meet the strict demands of a diverse set of clients, from top sports broadcasters to coaches who continually push the boundaries to gain a competitive edge.

Whether you’re “painting” the next instant replay, telestrating live on-air, or preparing your team for the next game, you will always win big with ChyronHego’s telestration and analysis solutions.

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Given its power and features, you would think Paint would be a complex tool, but it’s easy to use — our team learned it in a day.


Creative Director and Game Day Video Director, Hall of Music Productions, Purdue University