ChyronHego is the clear market leader in graphics for OB Van/Truck and Remote Production. This has been true in remote news “live truck” and sports production for decades, where our end-to-end workflow set the standard for speed and accuracy in graphics creation and playout. It’s a tradition we’ve worked hard to establish, and that valued tradition endures today.

Not to be outdone, and according to the 2018 Sports Video Group Mobile Sports Production Gearbase Survey, our graphics creation and playout systems are in an astounding 88% of remote sports production trucks on the road today. With ChyronHego, it is always game on!

Trust In The Leader

There are many reasons why so many professionals continue to place their trust in ChyronHego graphics solutions. Speed, the “right” design tools, system dependability, and the largest pool of experienced freelance design and operator talent are just a few.

ChyronHego offers an array of solutions for remote graphics creation and playout, including LyricX and PRIME Graphics, each designed to tackle the rigors of live remote production and deliver the stunning graphics you expect from the clear industry leader.

Remote Production, Redefined

We believe everyone can produce broadcast quality content, but with less cost, in less time, and without the need for large crews. With ChyronHego’s Live Compositor, it’s all about rapid set-up times, single operator control and the freedom to try out new production ideas.

Remote Production is a new IP-based feature that separates the user interface of Live Compositor from the core engine. Inspired by the Remote Integration Model (REMI), a centralized control room connects to the remote on-site engine that provides the SDI inputs and outputs. This on-site engine, a standard computer workstation, connects to either a private or public network.

An important feature of Remote Production is the real-time feedback of sources via the multi-viewers. Without this feedback, Remote Production would not be possible. How does this service do that? By streaming the multi-viewers from the remote location, back to the central control room, with a unique near-zero delay.

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