Producers today demand more storytelling capability. The modern broadcast studio has evolved, offering multi-faceted “locations” where news anchors and sports analysts inform viewers with a variety of visual and interactive technology.

Graphics For Every Visual Display

Today’s studio set designers are taking advantage of the larger canvas offered by modern monitor display technology.

ChyronHego graphics solutions feed content to non-standard aspect ratio video monitors, touchscreens, integrated anchor desk monitor displays, and more. A single channel can feed multiple monitors, or span monitors within a video wall using our Display Matrix technology, visually enhancing your branding and storytelling capability.

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions

Interactive touch displays have quickly become the must-have on-set storytelling tool.

ChyronHego’s graphics solutions are designed to let your news and sports reporters dive deeper into their story using visually captivating, data-driven interactive touch screen presentations.

The power behind our interactive touchscreen solutions is our industry-leading real-time graphics render engine, which offers the highest playout bandwidth when compared to other engines on the market.

This is an extremely important consideration. With other engines there can often be a trade-off between graphics rendering performance and touchscreen responsiveness. ChyronHego’s interactive touchscreen application is carefully tuned to ensure extreme levels of rendering performance while assuring the touch-sensitive interactive response of your presenter.

Customized Interfaces. Creatively Serviced.

Our interactive touchscreen interface modules can be entirely customized by ChyronHego Creative Services to your exact requirements. We promise a superior experience and an end-to-end solution that will scale as your needs evolve.

With hundreds of high profile live studio productions by some of the largest broadcasters to our credit, ChyronHego’s interactive touchscreen solutions are a trusted medium that inspires your on-air talent to use graphics to tell a more compelling, data-driven story.

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