The traditional approach of advertising through TV commercial breaks has in recent years been in decline, which is a worrying trend for many commercial TV networks. This is a challenge that ChyronHego can help address. With advertisers constantly looking for new and innovative ways to reach their target audience, virtual graphics offers a compelling new medium to achieve this objective.

ChyronHego’s Virtual Placement solutions allow state-of-the art virtual graphics, including advertising, to be added to your live production without the need for a specialist operator or expensive camera sensors.

Based on highly advanced real-time image processing algorithms, Virtual Placement is the most sophisticated tool on the market for the delivery of striking virtual graphics into any live broadcast.

Keeping It Simple

From our point of view, placing virtual advertising within live video should be a quick and simple process, with no need to add any specialist camera encoders or lengthy calibration processes. Your virtual advertising should be capable of being placed into a scene within minutes of setup, ready for use in virtually any live broadcast scenario, from augmenting physical studio-sets with virtual objects, such as advertising, to much larger scenes such as sports arenas, race tracks, or landscapes.

Amazing Flexibility. Multiple Revenue Streams.

The advertising revenue generating flexibility of our Virtual Placement solutions are readily apparent. A single system can output multiple streams of advertising insertion to service multiple channels. From extremely realistic virtual product placement and advertising, scores and statistics, to sponsor logos and even animating sponsor messages on virtual LED screens are just a few of the many uses of Virtual Placement.

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