Now that IT- and IP-based systems can provide not only the horsepower to drive high-resolution video but also the reliability for live television, broadcasters are accelerating the move to all-software operations.

Our Live Production Solutions are used by thousands of the industry’s leading broadcasters, commercial and public radio stations, sports arenas, and video production companies all around the world. Our turnkey software-based solutions operate on standard IT hardware and manage every task associated with today’s professional video production workflow.

Say goodbye to complex and partial automation of singular hardware devices. Welcome the most advanced and easy to use workflow for live newscast automation.


Broadcasters worldwide are migrating away from proprietary, hardware-based workflows and towards all-IT, software-based production environments. The benefits are especially compelling in a television newsroom, where seconds count in delivering breaking news to viewers before the competition.

Software enables a repeatable, reliable environment for packaging and presenting the content with fewer touch points. The newsroom is able to deliver the news to air quicker and with greater accuracy with a single solution for automating all essential production functions.

The news anchor can sit down in front of the camera, push two or three buttons, and record the piece – and then easily cue it up for the evening’s news rundown or the station’s social media channel. Here, the content creator – not the technology – is in control. And – most compelling of all – such an IP-based solution enables the creation of a “virtual control room” in which news professionals can go to air anytime and from any location, even by logging in from their homes.


Flexibility is a critical attribute for automation software. The solution should be able to automate every workflow in the newsroom, from camera output to final presentation for viewers. This means complete integration of all functions that were previously handled by isolated hardware, such as switchers, automation, graphics, and video playout.

Flexible Automation Engines

Our Playout automation engine offers an ultra-intuitive User Interface and open API for smooth integration with your existing newsroom system.

Offering a flexible automation engine that is capable of operating in three different modes: Linear Production Automation, Non-Linear Production Automation, and Data Driven Production Automation – helps you stay on top of your workload and ahead of the competition.

Powerful, customized user interfaces.

Designed to be a modern back-end system, our software lets you control multiple systems with a unified, browser-based interface.

A scalable solution allows for a multi-user and multi-device setup. Push button automation makes it a great fit for stadium production, where multiple products are typically tied together.

Using the built-in scripting engine, you can build custom interfaces, such as scoring applications, making it ideal for live sports production, and with advanced IP-based multi-viewer capabilities, it’s ideal for distributing video previews over an office infrastructure or for providing advanced remote support.

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