Imagine that your news team got a flash message of a 5-alarm brush fire in the outskirts of the national park south of town. A passing rainstorm helps firefighters douse the fire; an updated weather radar image helps you to assess the conditions. Your weather team is not yet in the building and there’s only 45 seconds until your Breaking News bulletin.

Weather can dramatically impact a breaking news story. However, the complexities of adding high-quality, high-value real-time weather graph­ics to the newsroom workflow can be a significant obstacle to producers and journalists. Our weather solution let’s you customize and localize high accuracy weather templates in an instant. Now, you can give viewers a deeper understanding of how local weather affects a live breaking news story.

With successful installations worldwide, ChyronHego provides solutions for data driven weather graphics systems across language, country and cultural borders.

Data-driven weather solution easily integrates into our CAMIO Universe Solution.

With our CAMIO graphics asset management solution acting as your newsroom control center, adding professional weather graphics to your newscast is just as easy as creating a lower third. Producers and journalists can focus on content creation and storytelling – not the underlying technology.

Through CAMIO Universe’s distrib­uted asset and intuitive template-based workflow, your station’s meteorologist can create Metacast weather graphics templates that are fulfilled from within your NRCS. This instant-update template fulfillment has also been extended to the Metacast desktop, enabling your meteorologists to quickly relocate a five-day weather forecast from one city to another in one single operation.

Also, by marrying the meteorologist’s weather expertise with the streamlined template-based CAMIO Universe workflow, operating expenses are reduced and producers and other content creators have unprecedented control over the various elements that make up today’s multi-faceted news stories.

With ChyronHego’s Metacast and CAMIO Universe, tell your viewers a more compelling story instead of just reporting on it.

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Sales Director Karl Eggestad highlights Metcast, ChyronHego’s advanced, professional weather graphics solution.

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