There’s a reason why leading sports franchises, including the New York Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys, and Juventus Football Club S.p.A use ChyronHego Graphics Solutions for Stadiums and Venues to enhance their fan’s experience and increase profits.

Our solutions make managing content on your stadium’s big screen, ribbon boards, scoreboard, and internal television network simple and easy. So easy in fact, we can help you to control your media from a single user interface.

A Winning Team Of Solutions

Winning teams know that working well together is the key to victory. ChyronHego understands this. It’s why we design our products, including LyricX, PRIME GraphicsLive Assist Panels, Live Compositor, and Click Effects PRIME to work together seamlessly. Whether you want to deliver scheduled or live video clips, display player information, live Internet feeds, Social Media tickers, video playout or revenue-generating advertising, ChyronHego has the solutions know-how to enhance your in-stadium experience.

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Because Click Effects is so intuitive, I feel I could train someone to run the system in 20 minutes.


Producer/Editor, United Center


Fans United!

The United Center Scores with Click Effects by ChyronHego!

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