With a software-based live production workflow replacing functions that were previously the domain of expensive, specialized hardware, stadium and in-venue producers can build a “virtual control room” for managing switchers, automation, graphics, and video playout from any location and at any time using a Web browser.

Using our VPX Virtual Production Server, Producers can cherry-pick from the ChyronHego product portfolio to create a mix of applications matching the specific requirements of their production. For example, we offer a Sports Production Bundle, virtualizing ChyronHego’s award-winning sports products, such as LyricX, Live Compositor, Live Assist Panels, and our Paint telestration tool and Virtual Placement virtual graphics system.

A Hybrid Approach

We understand that the transition to a software-based live production doesn’t happen overnight. Many of our clients still rely on legacy equipment and may need to do so into the future. In these instances, ChyronHego offers a hybrid approach by integrating seamlessly with your legacy systems, while also paving a smooth path for a complete migration to an all-IP workflow.

ChyronHego will help you create highly efficient, cost-effective, and easy-to-manage production workflows for your sports venue from virtual instances of our products running on a single server.

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LyricX Introductory Video

A brief introductory video on LyricX, ChyronHego’s newest graphics creation and playout solution.

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