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Social News Desk and ChyronHego Team Up to Deliver Integrated Social TV Solution

Innovative newsrooms around the globe are incorporating social media into the daily newsroom workflow. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become regular sources for breaking news and community-generated content. And now, ChyronHego’s social media editor, SHOUT™, is making it easier to bring social content into news stories thanks to a newly launched integration with Social News Desk.

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Are you fully-leveraging your workflow?

You spend hours, weeks, and dollars ramping up programming. You also spend a lot of time ramping up your staff - teaching them the workflow of your organization - what it takes to put together and refine the perfect newscast. With all of this time spent in refining staff, programming, and advertising in your organization, how can you further monetize it? Well, let me ask you a couple questions:

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Data-Driven Graphics: Superbikes & LyricX

It makes us happy to hear how ChyronHego products expand our customers' capabilities and help them to tell stories in captivating ways. Our LyricX customer, Jeremy Tidy of Happy Graphics authored a Customer Success Story about how he uses data-driven graphics to enhance the viewer experience for the British Superbilke Championships...

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Q&A: An interview with Senior Product Manager, Olivier Cohen about our partnership with gaming developer, Epic Games.

ChyronHego's partnership with Epic Games will allow integration of their Unreal Engine with ChyronHego’s suite of augmented reality graphics and virtual set solutions. With this integration, news broadcasters using our Plutonium Virtual Graphics Solution can leverage Unreal’s rendering power and real-time special effects capabilities to add powerful hyper-realistic elements into their live virtual sets. I sat down with Olivier and asked him about what led him to identify this key technology partner and what we can expect next.

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Dealing with the Disruption: Finding News Workflow Solutions

We are experiencing a disruption in news production. With consolidation, data rich graphics, and digital-first mandates, broadcasters are creating more content to reach more people on more platforms - and on all outlets: broadcast, streaming, and through social media channels. Whether you are focused on a digital first workflow, integrating social media and OTT, controlling robotics, AR, and Virtual Sets through MOS templates, graphics creation, or enhanced asset management....

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