The next version of our renowned graphics creation and playout solution, Lyric 3.2 premiered at NAB at 2018. With tighter integration into our news workflow and content management tool, HubDrive, it features a built-in HTML browser.

And, LyricX 3.2 includes upgrades that make it even more intuitive to use: image and movie replacement modes, more masking layers, built-in timer features, new events to trigger actions, and a new scene asset viewer.

If you haven’t yet upgraded from LyricPro to LyricX, now is the time:

LyricPro and LyricX messages are 100% compatible! Move seamlessly between LyricPro and LyricX: messages from 6.5 and up are completely compatible, editable and saveable.

A Better User Experience! Packed full of changes, designers will love the upgrade to LyricX: with the new timeline, animating is a breeze and copying, pasting, and modifying keyframes is intuitive and fast.  Our new Scene Graph with Filtering finds elements quickly by name, type, or property. The reorganised and responsive UI with Docking Windows and user defined workspaces makes maneuvering around the application quick and easy.

Enhanced Performance! With a new shader-based rendering pipeline, our re-architected masking with 16 layers, optimized movies, and extensive auto-follow optimizations makes building scenes easier than ever. More monitoring tools have also been added – a console with runtime feedback and realtime rendering metrics.

LyricX will run on your Mosaic and Grafitti platforms! All you need is a dongle or license code to run LyricX – you can even try it offline for 30 days free. If you have an SMA, it’s a free upgrade! (An optional hardware upgrade is available for first-generation systems.)

More output types – 4K & Video Walls! Now 64bit, LyricX is ready for 4K and beyond on ChyronHego’s HX Platform. And, with a resolution-independent canvas, Video Walls are no sweat with the optional Display Matrix Feature available with the HX and MX system.

To learn more about our connected newsroom solutions, click here to download our white paper, A Unified, End-to-End Solution for News Production.