Partnerships in the technology field are a little like dating another company. They get together, sometimes cautiously and always with some excitement for what the future may hold.

Will they, their people and their respective solutions, be compatible? Are they entering this relationship for the right reasons? Will this corporate liaison produce the expected fruits not only for each company, but also benefit the market and customers which they hope to serve?

Sometimes rivals get together. A third party, such as a systems integrator or a consultant, brings the two adversaries together on a large and complex project despite their natural predilection to compete with one another. You could call this an “arranged marriage”.

Every once in a great while these partnerships actually result in a marriage, or merger, with one company acquiring the hearts, minds – and intellectual property – of the other.

It’s no secret that over the last five years there has been a massive wave of M&A activity among vendors. These strategic partnerships, which ostensibly seek to benefit the larger live sports production and content creation community, should be entered into with careful consideration to the end result. It needs to not only enhance, but also advance the fan experience beyond what was possible before.

In a previous blog post, I talked about how ChyronHego partners with some of the biggest and best high technology companies in the world, like Intel and Cisco, in order to bring you the best live production and sports technology solutions available anywhere. The world of live sports production is a particularly fertile ground for these partnerships to take root and, if nurtured, blossom.

For example, ChyronHego recently partnered with EVS and Trans-Lux at the Prudential Center to the benefit of the New Jersey Devils and their fans. Our Unified Stadium Concept, which includes Click Effects PRIME, goes beyond simple CG and clip server control and applies real-time, broadcast-style graphic elements to any screen, board, or other digital display throughout the arena.

Our recent partnership with Nikon, via Mark Roberts Motion Control, leverages ChyronHego’s  TRACAB data to automatically track players and adds multiple un-manned ISO camera positions within an arena or stadium.

And in another instance, our collaboration with Microsoft, via their Azure Cloud Platform, supports our new Player Performance Portal, a Web-based delivery mechanism for users of our world-leading TRACAB Optical Player Tracking and our ZXY Wearable Tracking solutions. In addition to the added security, our customers benefit from Azure’s powerful querying and data interrogation capabilities.

We believe these partnerships lead to superior solutions. Recently, ChyronHego deployed a team of product managers and solution engineers to participate at the DFL’s Sports Innovation Days in Dusseldorf, Germany. Marco Lopez, ChyronHego’s CEO, joined them to witness first-hand how these partnerships are benefiting the live sports production community.

Marco sat down with Jason Dachman, Chief Editor at Sports Video Group, to talk about his experience at Sports Innovation Days and a variety of sports-related projects and partnerships in what has been an extremely busy first half of 2018. We encourage you to watch that video.

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