XOS Digital and ChyronHego Announce Partnership

Integration of ChyronHego’s Coach Paint With XOS Thunder HD Provides Industry’s Most Comprehensive Video-Based Coaching and Training Solution

“At XOS Digital, we’re proud of our track record of providing industry-leading video technologies that help teams be their best. That’s why we’re very excited to partner with ChyronHego, the recognized world leader in broadcast graphics,” said Matt Bairos, president and CEO of XOS Digital. “Coach Paint and XOS Thunder offer a powerful combination of visualization, presentation, and teaching tools that coaches can use to help prepare their players for their best possible execution on game day.”

ChyronHego’s Coach Paint is a powerful and user-friendly tool that enables coaches to apply the same telestration effects seen on major sports broadcasts for more effective recruitment, teaching, and preparation of players and teams. Coaches can highlight practice and in-game moments and turn them into teaching points that emphasize both individual technique and teamwork. The integration of Coach Paint with XOS Thunder’s virtual reality, video editing, player-performance tracking, advanced analytics, and team management tools will enable the two solutions to exchange files and will optimize workflows to bring greater power and efficiencies to professional coaching staffs.

“Video plays a highly effective role in teaching advanced concepts in sports, enabling coaches to review game and practice footage to improve team play. Our Coach Paint users rely on the tool for everything from reinforcing correct technique to simulating game situations and enhancing scout preparation,” said Johan Apel, president and CEO of ChyronHego. “By partnering with XOS Digital, provider of the most trusted video coaching platform at elite levels in both professional and amateur sports, we’re offering coaches, conferences, and leagues the most cutting-edge digital media tools available.”

About XOS Digital
Founded in 1999, XOS Digital provides more than 500 sports organizations at all levels a competitive advantage by unlocking insight and value from their digital media assets. XOS offers software, analytics and services that enable our partners to preserve and monetize their digital media assets and our coaches to better scout, recruit, teach and win. The ever-expanding portfolio of products and services, including the XOS Thunder™ HD Coaching Platform, XOS ThunderCloud Suite, XOS Digital Licensing Portal™ and XOS Vault™ digital asset management system, reflect the XOS Digital commitment to continuing innovation. For more information, visit www.xosdigital.com.