ChyronHego is a privately held corporation, with Apollo Management – a leader in the growth of top technology companies – as the majority shareholder.  Free from the volatility of short-term shareholder expectations, ChyronHego is dedicated to growth in a way that best serves the long-term needs of our customers.

Our global staff spans over 8 countries. We recruit visionary leaders, experienced industry professionals and top engineering talent. 

We realize that ultimately, our clients and partners are why we exist. We value partnerships and how they drive our growth. To best serve our clients, we serve as an umbrella company to three distinct brands.

This brand includes our innovative broadcast technologies and serves customers who require live production software and hardware. These include television stations and groups, venues, houses of worship, corporate and government entities, educational institutions, and others.

This brand includes the award winning Tracab and Coach Paint products and serves customers who require team and player analysis tools. These include leagues, teams and coaches. 

This brand includes the legendary Hego services offerings and serves customers who require staff and logistics for live production.