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Flexible, Producer-Driven News: New CAMIO 4.4 Webinar.

In order to stay competitive, you have to adapt. But, your workflow doesn't have to get more complicated - it should be flexible, like you. Join ChyronHego’s senior product manager, Jim Martinolich and me for a webinar introduction of the newest release of our flexible graphics asset management server, CAMIO 4.4...

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The 5 Versatilities of PRIME Graphics 3.0

You're inundated with competition and you need to be versatile to adapt to what eyeballs - and sponsors - crave. From touchscreens and branding to graphics and video walls, you have to myriad of clips and graphics to display. Broadcasters large and small are standardizing on PRIME Graphics, using the platform for news, entertainment, corporate, government, house of worship, and sports applications. Our new version of PRIME Graphics 3.0 employs a stacked-array of graphics and playout features using a single-solution paradigm. And in today's competitive news environment, there...

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Q&A: An Interview with Creative Services Manager, Jason Toliopoulos

Faced with ever-changing requests for graphics content, ChyronHego’s Creative Services team cranks out real-time, animated graphics one day and custom data parsers and macros the next. With a background in motion graphic design and project management, ChyronHego’s Manager of Creative Services, Jason Toliopoulos professes that his mission is to make you and your content look good. I sat down with Jason and asked him about the ins and outs of working through the creative services process, and it turns out that...

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Telling the best story possible: First Coast News, Jacksonville, FL

When I visited Tegna station, First Coast News in Jacksonville, Florida, to learn how they use virtual graphics, a key theme proliferated our conversation: how they connect with viewers by telling the best story possible. First Coast News is committed to conveying their stories in multiple ways - the way that best fits the subject matter. In whatever way that connects with people the most meaningfully.  In talking with the staff at First Coast News, it was evident that adding virtual graphics to their reporting helps their viewers connect with the news in an emotional way. In a single newscast, they'll use virtual graphics to tell one story, then switch to a traditional set to set a different tone, then switch back to a virtual set with an animated augmented graphics piece...

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The Top 5 Things You Need in a Weather Solution.

Hopefully, it is sunny where you are! Producing weather graphics doesn't have to be complicated - after all, weather graphics are data driven. With the right solution, weather graphics should virtually produce themselves! When choosing a weather system, there is a lot to consider - here is a list of the Top 5 Things you should look for in a data-driven weather solution: 

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Q&A: An interview with Senior Product Manager, Olivier Cohen about our partnership with gaming developer, Epic Games.

ChyronHego's partnership with Epic Games will allow integration of their Unreal Engine with ChyronHego’s suite of augmented reality graphics and virtual set solutions. With this integration, news broadcasters using our Plutonium Virtual Graphics Solution can leverage Unreal’s rendering power and real-time special effects capabilities to add powerful hyper-realistic elements into their live virtual sets. I sat down with Olivier and asked him about what led him to identify this key technology partner and what we can expect next.

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Delivering the Message: Using Virtual Graphics in Houses of Worship.

Helping people understand your message is easier when you use visual graphics. Years ago, I advised my local church on how display graphics to correspond to the message of the day. Today, it’s very common for houses of worship to stream and broadcast their services to parishioners who can’t physically make it to a service. To serve their 8,000 Hong Kong parishioners effectively, the 611 Bread of Life Christian Church is always on the lookout for compelling ways to increase their production values to elevate their message...

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Dealing with the Disruption: Finding News Workflow Solutions

We are experiencing a disruption in news production. With consolidation, data rich graphics, and digital-first mandates, broadcasters are creating more content to reach more people on more platforms - and on all outlets: broadcast, streaming, and through social media channels. Whether you are focused on a digital first workflow, integrating social media and OTT, controlling robotics, AR, and Virtual Sets through MOS templates, graphics creation, or enhanced asset management....

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